Pot Noodle


Sorry, unfortunately, our boffins got distracted and accidentally wrote the wrong nutritional information on some of our pots. There’s no reason to be alarmed; it just means a few of the figures are incorrect. For instance, Chicken and Mushroom flavour Pot Noodle displays lower fat levels than it should do. And rest assured, the boffins in question have been grounded for a fortnight and their pocket money suspended indefinitely.

These flavours are affected:

  • Chicken & Mushroom 90g, 4 x 90g and 114g King Pot (with BBE dates of JAN '10 or FEB '10)
  • Bombay Bad Boy 90g (with BBE dates of JAN '10 or FEB '10)
  • Chinese Chow Mein 90g (with BBE dates of JAN '10 or FEB '10)
  • Sweet & Sour 90g (with BBE date of FEB '10)
  • Doner Kebab 90g (with BBE dates of DEC '09, JAN '10 or FEB '10)

For the correct nutrition information on the aforementioned flavours, please print or download this PDF.


The new Pot Noodles are tastier than ever.

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