Bianca hits the jackpot

Bianca hits the jack-Pot Noodle

Remember our competition to find the best time-saving idea? Well 21 year old student Bianca Polizzi won with her portable Kettle Kup entry.

Bianca was chosen from over 80 entrants and we helped her achieve her dreams and make it for real by launching a prototype of her invention in the bright lights of Las Vegas.

During the once in a lifetime trip, Bianca spent a week introducing the Kettle Kup to thousands of tech and innovation experts attending the infamous Consumer Electronics Show – known for launching some of the biggest innovations and ideas of recent times.

So what is it? The perfect pick-me-up for people always on the move, the Kettle Kup allows you to have hot water ‘anytime, anywhere’. It can boil water in minutes meaning unlimited tea and coffee (or even Pot Noodle) is only a flick of a switch away, and it has a rechargeable battery as well as a nifty storage compartment.

They say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but we couldn’t do that to you. Check out what Bianca got up to….