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Q: Can you introduce yourself and your passion for running?  A: I’m Steve, or Stiv, or Runnerstiv as Instagram calls me!  I’ve been running for three and a half years after I got addicted to training for my first marathon, now I’m constantly pushing the distance and the terrain I run on to make it more of a challenge - pushing myself, testing myself to see what I can do. 
Q: Can you tell us more about your training and why you love Pot Noodle so much? A: My training usually revolves around one ‘big’ race, then I add smaller races into a 4-5 monthly plan to keep me motivated - the training isn’t just about running though - it’s about the diet, what we wear, the whole race preparation, and Pot Noodle plays a part in that!  The evening before a race, I was in a hotel and packed the best travelling food - pot noodle, so ate that as my supper, then went on to get my fastest time in a half marathon - since then it’s been my go-to meal before a race! 
 Q: What tips would you give to someone who wants to follow get into running? A: Trainers, you’re best off going to a running shop and try on as many trainers as you can to see what fits best - don’t be shy to say they’re not right, what fits best for one person may not fit the next. Another tip is to start slow and don’t be afraid to walk some of the time, each step you do is another step in improving. 
Q: Do you see yourself or your passion as unconventional? A: Well the passion isn’t unconventional - there’s loads of runners out there with the same thoughts and reasons as me - am I unconventional? I would say my approach to social media and my diet for a runner can be, but I do what works for me, I do what I believe in and it’s always good to be a bit different! 

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