You know that I’m a winner, winner, winner…

Meet Reece Whyte. He’s a rapper and he’s about to make it big in the music industry, with a little help from Pot Noodle of course, because we believe everyone can make it!

Reece is the lead singer of RAYLO, the guys behind the awesome tune from our latest TV advert.

After hitting the big time back in September when the ad first aired, Reece has gone on to be signed by a major record label and now we’re helping produce the music video to his insanely catchy track, Winner.

Reece is the epitome of today’s go-getter generation – after years of performing in venues across the UK, he’s now set to pursue his dreams of a career in music, and we’ll be there to support him all the way.

As the lyrics say, “Aim for your dreams, never mind how hard it seems”. You can make it!