Extra tips for spicing up your pots?

We know the Pot is already perfect but if you’re feeling extra adventurous, then here are some top tips to spice up your pots:

Pot Noodle Chicken and Mushroom
Why not add in some cheese for an indulgent experience! The noodles are perfect with some melting cheese

Pot Noodle BBQ Pulled Pork
Ramp up the taste in your BBQ Pulled Pork pot with some crunchy bacon bits

Pot Noodle Beef and Tomato
Having a Beef and Tomato flavour Pot Noodle is good enough on its own but try adding some croutons for an even more filling experience

Pot Noodle Bombay Bad Boy
We know you’re already bold if you’ve tried the Bombay Bad Boy, but can you handle it with an extra kick? Add in some extra hot chilli sauce for a taste sensation (if you can handle it!)

Pot Noodle Original Curry
Throw in some diced tomatoes if you fancy switching it up a bit